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China's securities investment funds industry association was founded in Beijing

On June 7,, the Chinese securities investment funds industry association at a conference in Beijing, the inaugural meeting of the first annual meeting, the China securities regulatory commission for funds industry association guo sign, and publication entitled "we need a strong wealth management industry" speech.

AG亚游官网appGuo said, since 1998 the country's first since the securities investment fund was born only, just 14 years, China's wealth management service flourished. Closed-end funds from the open mode fund, the trust plans to the bank from financial management, investment connection from insurance to angel fund and sunshine private, from all kinds of asset management companies to the various alternative investment project, show vitality, China's financial industry also so and colorful, yi yi is unripe brightness. However, our wealth management industry in general is still in the early period, not only failed to meet the need of the market is, and have many shortcomings itself with the shortage, every field meet serious challenges, also holds enormous potential.

AG亚游官网appGuo, points out that the development of the transformation of the economic wealth management is fundamental significance. First of all, is to improve the economic efficiency of the our country needs. Second, is the need of improvement of the national income distribution. Third, the financial system is to improve the structure of the need. Fourth, is promoting the healthy development of the capital market needs. In short, wealth management industry in China have a promising career, is at an important opportunity of development period. From our country to reality, learn experience from international, cultivate all kinds of investment banking institutions, let more residents and enterprises and institutions to the rich fund agencies to implement professional management and realize the savings, capital market, enterprise and the cause of social benign interaction.

Guo said, fund management companies shall speed up to modern wealth management institution transformation. At present, the overseas the mature markets of the wealth management industry has entered into multiple investment management era, and China's fund industry is just transformation, gap still more apparent. The fund management companies to speed up the pace of innovation and development, to grasp the following: one is to keep from the need of economic entities, by setting up a special asset management plan, investment entity assets, expand the scope of investment, only door products, service economy. 2 it is study hard, digesting and absorbing foreign asset management of the company's business model and successful practices, in-depth analysis of their advantages and disadvantages, clear its innovation strategy. Three is the focus on research, the goal improve research ability, and can not depend on external research report, more can't rely on breaking news, blindly follow suit. Four is to stick to the value investment, long-term investment idea, establishing scientific decision-making process and clear management system, form the mature stable investment style, can play on the market for the lead role.

AG亚游官网appGuo think, promote the development of the industry wealth management, depend on firmly establish take the market as the guidance, take the customer as the center of the management idea. Of the millions of urban and rural residents and all kinds of social economic organizations, in fact there is a wide variety of wealth management requirements, which objectively the financial service and call diversified products. The key is according to the customer preferences, it can design for public investors out some can run win inflation, risk and not so big product, also can give a few high-end customers with some high risk, high income portfolio. Compared with the overseas institutions, China's wealth management industry except knowledge, experience and talent shortage besides, still lack of brand, market and lack of public trust is worth the investment banking institutions, lack of people can will own property of trust, or big or small, or a bit aggressive or prudent some, but are able to keep his word, always put the customer first place financial enterprise. We have history Banks and exchange, is because adhere to the "letter take world", "righteous to the system", construct moral for this, the personality for use, ethic restrictions for the protection of the credit and brand system, once create incredible brilliant.

AG亚游官网appWealth management industry of the fundamental conditions and their institutions objective environment each are not identical, but there are some must abide by the standards of conduct. A honest.the, the time the customer benefit priority position. Second, we need to strengthen the information disclosure, investors can guarantee in accordance with the contract, timely, accurate and complete access to information. Third, we need to focus on innovation to satisfy diversified financial needs. Four to post-listing compliance, pay attention to risk control. Employees especially executives to stick to professional morality, and loyalty to the interests of investors, and fear the majesty of the law, must not touch the legal bottom line and moral bottom line.

Guo emphasized, the CSRC will continue to strengthen the basic system construction, continue to improve the development of the industry to the external environment. Cooperate with the legislature to speed up the securities investment funds law revision to broaden the fund company business scope, expand the fund investment mark, easing restrictions of investment operations, optimizing the company governance, regulating the industry such as the service behavior made breakthrough progress. Meanwhile, according to regulatory and supervised behavior of principle, focus on good regulatory standards for coordination, avoid regulatory arbitrage and regulatory vacuum.

Funds for the establishment of the association, said guo, our country to build a strong wealth management industry, funds industry association was founded the frontlines, believe that association will be able to go a long way! Hope association was established from the start, you can jump out of the circle fund, firmly grasp of wealth management industry development trend, leading the industry development direction, condensing industry development consensus, and seek common development of the industry overall situation. To really play industry association role, to break the wealth management industry existing intersected, the small scale, the service ability inadequacy of the situation, the bold innovation, leading the industry rushes out a with the situation of China's wealth management business development way. Association to change the idea, and return to the nature of industry association, outstanding service purpose; To inclusive open, encouraging fair competition, promote industry innovation; Strengthen the industry management, and actively explore the actual self-discipline way and the method; The courage to bear, and take industry and social responsibility. Association should play a role, and guide the working staff firmly establish CARES about the country, deeply loves the people, feedback and create the harmonious society of philosophy, so that the wealth management industry become a model of the social responsibilities.

AG亚游官网appDuring the conference, the China securities investment funds industry association elected the first session of the council and the board of supervisors, through the association articles of association, self-discipline and related documents, produce the association leadership.

The China securities regulatory commission vice chairman LiuXinHua, President assistant WuLiJun to attend the meeting. The ministry of civil affairs and the ministry of finance and the people live JianBu club, the department, the people's bank of China, the banking regulatory commission, administration of taxation, the national social security council, circ, safe and Beijing financial bureau, fengtai district government, xicheng district and representative unit, the CSRC authority departments and agencies, each unit principal fund and system association member representatives of more than 400 people to the conference.

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