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The state encourages the private capital into the PE

The China securities regulatory commission provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the central government, the state plan supervision bureau, Shanghai, shenzhen ZhuanYuanBan, the securities and futures exchange, China securities registration and settlement company, China securities investor protection fund company, China securities finance company, China futures margin monitoring center, China securities, futures, the listed company association, will be different departments within:

For carrying out "the state council about encourage and guide the healthy development of the private investment in several opinions (guo fa [2010] no. 13) and the office of the state council about encourage and guide the healthy development of private investment in the key work of the division of announcement" (an countries [2010] no. 120) requirements, give full play to the function of capital market, we study proposed encouraging and promoting the healthy development of private investment in the concrete measures. All units and departments system to earnestly study and understand the spirit of the documents concerned under the state council, fully understand the encourage and guide the healthy development of private investment in the important significance and will promote the healthy development of private investment in capital market service entity economy as the important content, into the capital market reform development and management, practical implementation.

A private enterprise financing, promote development and standard

(a) support private enterprises listed and issue the refinancing. Further deepening the ipo system reform, promote the level and the secondary market equilibrium coordinate health development. Revised initial public offerings of shares by listed companies and listed on the stock exchange and securities, and other management measures, formulate gem refinancing rules, active support to meet the conditions of the private enterprise issued and listed the refinancing, promoting the private enterprise development.

(2) support the creditor's rights financing private enterprise. To actively promote the bond market and a unified and standard interconnected. Modify the perfect company bonds issue pilot measures and supporting rules, simplify the company bond issue conditions and review process, roll out small and medium-sized enterprise private bond pilot, improve the efficiency of the bond financing, widen the private enterprise of small and medium-sized enterprises of the main body of the financing channel.

(3) to speed up the over-the-counter market construction. Shares of the company to continue to push forward the zhongguancun transfer pilot work, and gradually expand the scope. Get a good job unified regulation of national the over-the-counter market the preparatory work, set to publish relevant regulations system and supporting rules, to meet the conditions of the private enterprise private equity transfer provide channels and service. Research on regional equity trading market instruction opinion and promote regional equity trading market criterion development.

(4) support overseas listed private enterprises. Promote perfecting enterprise listed abroad regulations system, properly reduce domestic enterprise to the market directly outside the threshold, simplify the relevant procedure, the overseas listed private enterprises to promote the standardization and facilitation, broaden the financing channels of overseas domestic enterprise directly, improve the use of foreign capital market efficiency.

(5) promote private listed company criterion development. To strengthen the information disclosure as the core of the routine supervision, and guide the private listed company to form good corporate governance mechanism, strengthen to the actual control the balancing and constraint, promoting the private listed companies implement enterprise internal control standard pilot work, perfect the internal control system, promote private listed company standard operation level.

AG亚游官网app(6) strengthen private public company regulation. Private public company launched the rules governing supervision and related rules, guide and promote private private public company governance structure, perfect the standard operation. Support small and medium-sized private enterprises equity financing, the stock transfer, asset reorganization activities, promote capital markets more extensive services in private enterprises, the service in the real economy.

(7) promote market m&a. To broaden the financing channels acquisition, merger and reorganization payment tool innovation, perfect the merger and reorganization review process, improve the efficiency of the merger and reorganization, support folk capital through the capital market to m&a, accelerate consolidation in the industry and industrial upgrading.

AG亚游官网app(8) give full play to the intermediary agency service functions. Actively encourage and guide the securities and futures business institutions for the business, products and service innovation, rich financial products and risk management tools, for the private enterprise financing, the reorganization of listed integration, use of capital market management assets, value, avoid risk provides professional services, etc.

Second, encourage private capital equity securities and futures business institutions

AG亚游官网app(a) the securities company increase endowment spread simplified the administrative licensing items, convenience in private capital securities company increase endowment spread. Continue to support folk capital shares in accordance with the fund management companies.

(2) support folk capital through the capital contribution, m&a way futures companies such as investment, support to meet the conditions of private holdings futures companies involved in innovative pilot futures business.

(3) encourage and guide the private securities investment consulting institution, securities credit rating agencies to further strengthen capital strength, speed up the business transformation, enhance the professional service ability, in the service of the development of the market at the same time be optimal and stronger.

(4) encourage private capital investment fund sales institutions established independent, participate in securities investment fund sales business.

Three, for the healthy development of the private enterprise to create a good environment

AG亚游官网app(a) energetically promote the reform of the system of administrative examination and approval, positive change regulation idea and the way, reduce the administrative examination and approval, transfer administrative levels, to regulate the administrative examination and approval and optimization process, improve the efficiency of the administrative examination and approval, improve the private enterprise and other kinds of market main body of service quality.

(2) strengthening the construction of good faith and transparency, to further advance affairs public, improve the regulation transparency, integrity supervision and restraint means rich, make great efforts to enhance government integrity and business integrity level, promoting the private enterprise credit operation, the compliance development.

AG亚游官网app(3) to strengthen and improve the market supervision and shall, in accordance with law cracking down on illegal market, we will continue to promote to crack down on illegal activities of securities and futures, strengthen risk prevention, safeguarding the market operation order, and guarantee the stable and healthy development of the market, for the private enterprise and effective use of capital market to create a good environment.

The China securities regulatory commission

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