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Ubs during recent trends

AG亚游官网app1-ubs his equity funds management Co., LTD "investment decision committee" fourth meeting this month in on May 26, 2012 was held in shenzhen, the company currently invested in the time schedule of the project of the arrangement and the decision, meeting hope that the company can be completed in early July jilin XX × of the chemical industry investment matters, and try to in early August complete industry and commerce registration BianGong matters.

AG亚游官网app2-ubs his equity funds Co., LTD's official website: are report the national information and industrialization of information management center examination and approval matters, examination and approval in accordance with state regulations need about 30 days or so, then work by the state department legal faith by the official website of the practice registration number. By then, the local can click on's official website. Before this please click on first company IP website: ruiyin. S19. Wg8. Com Internet inquiries and work.

3-the ubs, during I fund 】 recruitment goes well, has now completed 53.7% of the fund size reservation, in the middle of July, to raise the fund size, or more than 90%, the company will be held in shenzhen fund promotion plan of the first investors focus on the meeting, when to notice shall prevail.

4-ubs his equity funds management Co., LTD and guangdong XXX biological chemical Co., LTD. Of spread-betting agreement has confirmed, is now in both their board of directors will review stage, in 2014 time still spread on December 31 of the gem listing in shenzhen.

5-ubs his equity funds management Co., LTD. And China risk investment nets in the may officially signed a cooperation agreement, both parties will deepen cooperation in investment in the future to reach an agreement.

6-ubs his equity funds Co., LTD with investment of the division, lenovo hongyi venture institutions such as "world no. 1" reform matters are open to the active consultation, determined to PE during basic ubs investment fund 50 million yuan investment agreement, are detailed investment terms with confirmation of negotiations.

7-ubs his equity funds Co., LTD and lenovo hongyi, ruihua letter investment venture institutions "nanjing to take off the general" investment matters are open to the active consultation, basic sure his wind is cast on previous ubs funds model the investment of 10 million yuan investment agreement, the current specific investment stages and secondary reform the confirmation and negotiation terms.

8-ubs and happy life during a related investment intention, spread-betting conditions in the negotiations.

AG亚游官网app9-ubs his equity funds management Co., LTD. In early June will be officially become a unit of director of association of guangdong province investment and shenzhen private association director unit (is currently audit).

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