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Business need to know of the eight skills

AG亚游官网appHer own boss is the dream of every entrepreneurs, but not every venture road automatics are, on the contrary, the way of career filled with all kinds of risks, and want to earn money it's not going to be easy, venture money what skill? Small make up to you for the inventory the venture money you should know entrepreneurial skills.

The first recruit: a quick decision

AG亚游官网appTo make money must be decisive, learn to rapidly sized up the situation. Rapid determination can make you occupy the leading edge, drag, afraid, and determination are making money at the big fear, this will make you time delay the good opportunity.

"Now or never likely", we will not, as is the chance to the inside of the television advertisement medicine blots out the sky, and what is the opportunity to make money, remember oneself only went out to have the chance of success, it is a little hope also have no, this is the truth.

AG亚游官网appThe second recruit: worlds apart dozen tiger

AG亚游官网appThis recruit point is learn to cooperate with others, rather than what things do it yourself. Because you can't be a barrel, want to learn not to dwell on trivial things. Great wealth is usually eye with versatile tactician wise work results, the real money is usually good at using superior people's capacity to make money. All things do only will distract your energy, that you can't make a judgment of the global.

AG亚游官网app"All his CARES for the people, for the people in labor," this ancestor would have said, don't you see whether in ancient times or now, how so many people all like officer? Using other people achieve must not feel sick, on the other hand you and also is to help others.

The third recruit: borrow chickens lay eggs

Lend money to make money, borrow chickens lay eggs don't either.

Profitable opportunities to flit, so when the opportunity came, you at that time and no capital, certain might as well borrow money out.

AG亚游官网appHave a penny but spend a penny of old ideas will be difficult to achieve.

Nowadays the society, can borrow money is skill, can't borrow money is no skill, borrow money know how to spend is skill, borrow money don't know how to spend is ask for trouble.

AG亚游官网app4 recruit: the eye view all six direction

This recruit point is to pay attention and observant, to new ideas, new things to keep keen mind. Can carry a simple book and write down that you find ShengCaiZhiDao at any time, have time to arrange, you will find a few methods together, that's valuable project, then quickly began to carry out your plan.

Now the rich information many, want to be good at to discriminate, choose oneself to like and familiar with the industry to do is a good choice, look to ask and listen, this can avoid many detours.

5 recruit: bold talk

You must know adventure comes at a price. Want to know the world never have foolproof way of making money. The so-called "profitable business don't rob". With half blind, rushed decision is not advisable. To avoid losing, will be careful, depart could have a trap.

AG亚游官网appWhat thing can't too, bold is to brave, but behind still have a talk, actually bold and sometimes people talk it's hard to do, daring people don't necessarily talk, talk of people don't necessarily bold, my understanding is the daring macro event handling, small talk is microscopic processing, if you can do great things when handling the deal with a small psychological so earnest is enough.

6 recruit: move such as TuoTu

No matter at any time must have the concept of time, decided to do something later, prompt in action, can never leave today's work till tomorrow. Time is money, money is not the style of the enemy of action not agility is hard to adapt to the modern market competition.

The market is like war, we need to conquer one position, aren't you going to attack will be captured, and then want to rob back I'm afraid will need more price, so the decision to take market is the earlier captured the better.

AG亚游官网app7 recruit: creative to win

Working hard to develop your creativity and around your career let thinking from freely on lenovo. Management of the most reliable is creative, a good idea, good idea often can make your operating way should materialise, wealth belongs to those who are creative and can put new ideas into action!

8 recruit: millions of people

A winner is often perserve, workhorse, a devoted to target and committed to this. Do things have, have a little setback will shrink back is impossible to obtain the success. To make money just can't afraid of hard, and thus are successful but period.

AG亚游官网appPerseverance can achievement great business, we understand this truth, but in reality we some people from life of forced by not insist, often from success is bad so a small step, ask that successful people, all of them is all bitter taste in the bitter, in a meeting failure and climb fall up and start again and ultimately successful.

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