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The sixth session of tsinghua university Chinese entrepreneurs to training camp

Tsinghua university Chinese entrepreneurs training camp is thought social training goal of outstanding entrepreneur large entrepreneurship education platform. From 2010 to now, training camp already in Beijing, shenzhen, chengdu, wuhan, Shanghai to successfully held in the country, has extensive influence entrepreneurs.

AG亚游官网appNow the sixth tsinghua university Chinese entrepreneurs in training camp will be on June 16, 2012-18, held in changsha, hunan, the event will be facing the whole country of small and medium-sized enterprise founder, also welcomed the investment institutions and government economic management department of the high-level meeting.

This activity will invite ZhuWuXiang, economic management institute of tsinghua university, professor, the famous XiongXiaoGe famous venture capitalists, definitely not the famous investment bankers and well-known entrepreneurs as speakers, together with the national entrepreneurs, and discusses together, in the current economic situation small and medium-sized enterprise how to solve the financing and how to adjust the development strategy and a series of for the survival and development of enterprises.

Tsinghua university Chinese entrepreneurs not only for the national training camp of founders provides an opportunity to learn the business management system, and also to build a communication platform. Invited to entrepreneurs will through the ice activities of mutual understanding, through the class activities deepen communication, through matchmaking financing and capital docking, through the industry salon and peer discussion, through the enterprise visit viewing exchange.

AG亚游官网appTime: on June 16, 2012-June 18, 2012

Location: hunan changsha

Sponsored by:

AG亚游官网appTsinghua university of China's financial research center

Tsinghua university Chinese venture research center

Tsinghua university institute of economic management education center EMBA

Hunan federation of industry and commerce


Hunan provincial people's government economic research information center


Tsinghua EMBA hunan homecoming

Hunan AnShi enterprise group

AG亚游官网appChangsha high-tech zone the ac

AG亚游官网appMedia support:

TV class: the central television hunan satellite TV

Website class: sina sohu tencent netease finance China's capital securities nets joy fox (300104) fox leisurely optimal actor

The newspaper kind: in the 21 st century economic report economic observer newspaper for international financial investors

AG亚游官网appMagazine categories: financing the Chinese venture bond company financial

Camp program

Of course (June 16, 17,)

Entrepreneurs education, invite economic management institute of tsinghua university famous professor teaching management, investment and financing business related courses.

AG亚游官网appBusiness success experience sharing, invite the listed company founder to training camp that advise about entrepreneurship, financing, listed in process.

Angel investors about entrepreneurship, invite famous angel investors get the attention early share angel characteristics of the enterprise.

Venture capitalists talk about entrepreneurship, invite famous venture capitalists to share their own investment idea, entrepreneurs how to effectively communicate with investors.

"100 SEC gen"--invited business enterprises to the limit the seconds, intuitive, vivid display of enterprise of innovative products and its business model. Enterprise registration mailbox:, please indicate the application "100 SEC gen".

AG亚游官网appMatchmaking financing (June 18 the morning)

To meet the conditions of the entrepreneurs and investors to build a communication and exchange the platform. For entrepreneurs looking for the right investors, for investors looking for businesses.

The email, please indicate the financing for matchmaking.

AG亚游官网appIndustry salon (June 18 the morning)

For the same industry entrepreneurs and investors concerned about the industry to build a communication platform.

Students interaction

The ice activities-self introduction, entrepreneurs know each other (June 15 at night)

The class activities-election class by the organization students evening activities (June 16 at night)

Enterprise visit (June 18, afternoon)

AG亚游官网appThe high and new science and technology park, into local into local enterprise, understand local policy and the industrial development present situation.

AG亚游官网appTo be invited guests:

High build economic management institute of tsinghua university professor

Liao Richard tsinghua university professor economic management institute

ZhuWuXiang tsinghua university professor of economic management institute

ChenMingJian Oriental GaoSheng investment consultant company President

Lee bamboo leisurely, the founder of the fox

MaXueZheng Po yu capital the chairman, the former CFO association

ShenNaPeng redwood founding and executive partner of China fund

AG亚游官网appKing Ran YiKai capital founder

AG亚游官网appXiongXiaoGe IDG founding partners

AG亚游官网appDozens of investment institutions from all over the country the senior will participate in the training camp part or the whole of the activities.

AG亚游官网appThe process

Application deadline: May 25, 2012

AG亚游官网appAddress: Beijing's haidian district qinghua university economic management institute wei Aaron floor 103 zip code: 100084

Phone: 010-62798116 fax: 010-62795202

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