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PE investment market started to rest of the investment active degree continue to slide

In may, Chinese VC/PE market investment scale continue to slide. According to ChinaVenture hit group data showed that in May, China VC/PE investment market disclosure case 29 up total, with a total investment of 560 million us dollars, lasted for 2012 years the situation since the downturn, compared with the same period of 2011 is the decline. The equity investment by a weak market state influence, short term investment is expected to scale will remain low, and in the long run, has issued a number of encourage private capital investment policy, will further expand VC/PE investment space, or be market buoyancy.

Investment active degree continue to slide

AG亚游官网appThe data shows, may domestic venture investment of disclosure (VC) case 20 on, investment of 214 million us dollars, case number and investment amount month-on-month drop of 20.0% and 2.9% respectively. Compared with the same period of 2011 (96 cases, investment of us $902 million), the investment case number and investment scale down dramatically.

May disclose private equity (PE) case 9 on, and April, flat investment of 346 million us dollars, compared to 33.4% lower April; Compared with the same period of 2011 (45 cases, investment of 1.745 billion us dollars), investment and investment scale also active degrees appear to drop considerably.

By multiple factors, the second half of 2011 to now, Chinese VC/PE market is active degree continued to slide, investment scale also remained at the low. From the current macroeconomic situation at home and abroad and capital market operation situation, the VC/PE still lack direct investment profits element. Fund whip round level, whether RMB funds or dollar fund, the common dilemma facing whip round, if a new fund to fail to finish raising expectations, and its subsequent investment rhythm will be affected. Out of respect, according to ChinaVenture to released data in May, the A share market returns level continue to fall, on average, just 1.99 times book returns, set nearly A year low, outside the initial public offering (IPO) window still closed. Facebook after falling for listed shares, but also for future technology enterprise listed bring more uncertainty. Therefore, the group is expected to hit ChinaVenture, short-term inside China VC/PE market is active degree is difficult to pick up, investment slowdown or will last until the third quarter.

AG亚游官网appIn the long run, a series of recent policy aspect helps the market movements or warmed. Recently, encourage and guide the policy on what dense, May 18 mor release "about encourage and guide the folk capital investment railway executive opinion"; May 21, health ministry issued the social capital held about medical institution of business nature notice "; On May 25, issued by the state-owned assets supervision on the restructuring of the state-owned enterprises to introduce the private investment in the guiding opinion on, securities issued "about the implementation of the main points of the notice"; May 26, banking regulator, issued the about encourage and guide the private capital into the banking executive opinion "; Previously on 13 April, traffic department of transportation, come on stage "for encouraging and guiding non-governmental capital investment highway waterway transportation executive opinion".

The above policy all belong to encourage what the "new 36" measures, will further promote private capital in related industry upgrading and transformation of the marketization and, as an important form of investment, what the private equity investment, will have greater investment space.

Strategic new industry investment value highlight

From the industry distribution to see, the Internet is still the most active investment industry, disclosure since 8 cases, accounting for 27.6% of the total number of monthly investment, second respectively is chain management, IT and medical health industry, all disclosure since 4 investment. TMT (Internet technology, media and communications) investment is active, shows that in the state of weak overall market, investors to the attention of the early investment in the industry, the smaller the scale of investment, and to verify its early investment characteristics.

From various industries investment scale, even though the Internet industry has the largest number of investment, but the total amount of investment of 086 million dollars in only the third column, the top two respectively and chain management is building materials industry. Building materials industry may disclose only 1 case: OZ its funds investment Lutheran glass holding Co., LTD will increase their shares and convertible bonds, total investment amounts to 1.164 billion Hong Kong dollars ($150 million). 4 cases of industry chain operation were involved in investment of 102 million us dollars, the subdivision business hotel, retail is given priority to, showed consumer services sustained investment value.

In addition to and consumer service industry TMT by the steady investors look outside, the state encourages the development of strategic new industry policy will further enhance biological pharmacy, clean energy, advanced manufacturing industries investment value. May 30,, the standing committee of state council discussed through the "1025" national strategic emerging industry development planning ", the energy conservation, environmental protection, put forward a new generation of information technology, biological, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy and new materials and new energy vehicles seven big strategic new industry key development direction and main tasks, this policy to VC/PE agencies participate in new industry investment has strong significance.

Guangdong investment active degree at the top

See from the region distribution of guangdong province, Beijing may be beyond the most active area of investment, investment case 7 up, disclosed a total investment of 231 million us dollars, accounting for 24.1% and 41.3% respectively than. Beijing, Shanghai investment amount for 5 respectively to rise and 4 on, in two, three, investment of $044 million and $017 million, respectively. The Midwest only guizhou and anhui disclosure investment, all have 1 cases.

AG亚游官网appFrom investment type to see, VC disclosure 20 cases, A round of financing to 10 on, B rounds of financing disclosure since July, C, D, and E round round 1 each disclosure rounds of financing. Get E rounds of financing is DianShangWang stood mike package, a new round of financing in the amount of us $30 million or more. In PE, 9 cases in four up Growth (Growth) investment, 5 PIPE up (listed directional financing) investment, may no Buyout (purchase) type investment disclosure.

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