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China's wind cast BBS in deep held

AG亚游官网appSouthern daily news recently, 2012 (14 th) China risk investment BBS held in shenzhen, deputy chairman of the standing committee of the National People's Congress, the central ChenChangZhi with chairman, deputy minister of science and technology WangWeiZhong, deputy governor ChenYunXian, shenzhen government and brother provinces and cities, unit and risk penetration of the government on behalf of more than 1400 people attended the enterprise BBS.

BBS the opening ceremony, the ChenYunXian points out, guangdong provincial party committee and government has always attaches great importance to promote the development of the cause of risk investment, actively promote the financial reform and innovation, give full play to the risk investment in new product development, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and high-tech industrialization, and other aspects of the important role, to speed up the establishment of a sound risk investment long-effect mechanism, through the platform structures, and promote the exchange, to promote cooperation, effectively promotes the whole social innovation, produced a large number of independent intellectual property rights and high growth potential of the science and technology enterprise. ChenYunXian in shenzhen as a regional financial center in financial innovation and scientific and technological innovation in our province and even the whole country field of radiation said positive role in driving. He stressed that "1025" period is deepening reform and opening, speed up the transformation of the mode of economic development of the important period of strategic opportunities, guangdong province will promote the overall financial strong province construction and promoting the development of international finance, financial industry and the people's livelihood financial, strive to build a modern financial system, and promote the virtual economy and real economy coordinated development.

It is reported, China risk investment BBS has set up a file in the shenzhen successful for 8 th, at present this BBS has become the biggest and the most international influence the wind for industry annual event.

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