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The ninth session of Shanghai derivatives market BBS held

AG亚游官网appMay 28, sponsored by the Shanghai futures exchange the ninth Shanghai derivatives market BBS was held in Shanghai. This BBS's theme is "innovation and services-China's futures market of reform and opening up". Assistant to the chairman of the China securities JiangYang attend BBS and speech.

AG亚游官网appJiangYang said, in recent years, China's futures market reform and innovation kept alive, quantity and variety are listed trading volume in the top international. The national financial work conference early prime minister wen jiabao puts forward "innovation and supervision in coordination development idea", to the next step futures derivatives market innovation development has a very important significance. To keep hold of the China futures market good momentum of development, must continue to adhere to the following the principle of innovation:

One is the innovation must and service entity combining economic development. Always adhere to the "service entity economy development" the guide and promote the innovation of futures market and support to those who comply with the entity economy needs and market conditions have products listed trading. According to this principle, in recent years, has listed 20 commodity futures varieties and a financial futures varieties. At present, the CSRC is jointly with the relevant aspects, the collaborative push oil futures market construction, has made substantial progress. At the same time, with the bond market reform and development strategies that improve the Treasury bonds market system, and actively promote national debt futures market construction. Related a batch of agricultural futures, commodity futures, options, index and new trading tool also on research and development.

AG亚游官网appImports: machinery and industrial products rket. Always adhere to the marketization reform and innovation of the guiding principle, respect the market initiative, believe that the market, rely on market, according to market laws. Through the establishment of innovation "fault-tolerant" mechanism, to the market innovation sufficient space, to improve coordination service work. The futures exchange, the futures company agencies to that customer oriented research and development and innovation, cultivating and improving endogenous innovation mechanism to develop innovative products for the needs of the market, spot for industry to provide efficient and risk management services. At present, the futures market variety innovation pace is bigger, the futures company asset management business pilot, the futures brokerage business pilot and futures company IPO and other kinds of innovation is vigorously promote.

AG亚游官网appThree is innovation must keep not occur systematic, regional risk bottom line. Always will not happen systemic risk, maintaining market stable operation as a futures market supervision of the bottom line. On this basis, actively encourage and support the market innovation, to create a favorable policy innovation environment and regulatory conditions, maximum limit arouse market vigor. Over the years, initially established a set of not only conforms to the international market operation rule, and adapt to our country's "new and transition" market the actual risk early warning, guard against and dissolve the institutional mechanism. Increase the market supervision and illegal behavior investigation dynamics, 2011 transactions since 592, exception handling, investigate violations 59 on, effectively purify market environment.

AG亚游官网appJiangYang stressed that service investors, service for all the work of the securities market is the starting point and the foothold. In the future, will also continue increasing working strength: one is to pay more attention to protect the lawful rights and interests of investors. For people from services, promoting the sustainable development of market height, pay great attention to the investors interests protection work. Through the provide investors with classification service, strengthen risk reveals and classified, guide carefully evaluated, rational investor participation, ensure that the appropriate product sells to the appropriate investors. 2 it is paying more attention to the market service, improve market efficiency. Continue to strengthen market regulations system construction, promote the futures act legislation research and futures trading in the regulations on the administration of the revision work; Promote poundage, TaoBao, arbitrage, deposit and limit warehouse etc market system reform; Deepening the market breed, do fine makes the fine already listed variety; To strengthen the honesty, talents, and theoretical research of market soft environment construction, improve the soft power of the development of the market.

AG亚游官网appThe Shanghai municipal party committee, vice mayor of TuGuangShao attend BBS, and on behalf of the Shanghai municipal government, held on BBS congratulations. Deputy director of the legislative affairs office of the state council AnJian took part in the meeting. The former chairman of the China securities regulatory commission LiuHongRu attend BBS, the former chairman of ZhouDaoJiong, former vice chairman of the ChenYaoXian, former vice chairman of the FanFuChun attend BBS and the written statement. The opening ceremony of the Shanghai futures exchange BBS by general manager Yang mai military chair. The two-day during the meeting, held respectively, the international outstanding always BBS, gold international seminars, international conference on steel, non-ferrous metal international conference, from the national government, the person in charge of the relevant industrial associations, famous domestic and foreign financial institutions, executives and academic experts, media representatives this BBS.

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