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Focus Fu Zhe Width: local venture capital to open the door of agricultural PE


Venture Capital expansion to new areas, will lead the industry and the venture capital industry itself is a series of chain reactions.
Fortune Venture partner Fu Zhe wide practice on the field of agriculture, hair inspiration.
Career opportunity
Fu Zhe wide, was born in 1969.
Career opportunities for everyone, but some people seize the opportunity, initially it is not in a very favorable position.
Fu Zhe wide, graduated from the Heilongjiang College, Harbin University of Commerce. This is the first multidisciplinary commercial institutions of higher learning. 1950s developed the first dumpling machine, 1960s, one of the first three accounting bookkeeping method, property, cash basis accounting method.
Worked at the Hunan Economic Management College, Hunan Securities Co., Ltd., and later entered the Being Paid Corporation.
Then divided into two, 1996, Liu day to enter the power-Canton Industrial listed preparatory group, until Dianguangchuanmei successful listing. Later served as assistant general manager.
In the 1980s, Liu day study in the Hunan Institute of Finance, the accounting profession. After graduation, he was assigned to the Hunan Province, timber companies, engaged in accounting work. After 10 years, timber companies. Speech in South, the traditional mechanism for talented people to be broken through open recruitment Hunan Radio and Television Center as Chief of Finance.
The late 1990s, corresponding to the gradual rise of the Internet, venture capital has become a new vocabulary that people need to understand.
Liu day recalled Paid by Chairman and Managing Long Autumn Clouds: One day suddenly said to me, give you a million, go to Shenzhen to open a venture capital firm.
April 19, 2000, Shenzhen Fortune Venture Capital Co., Ltd. was incorporated.
The first generation of local venture capital institutions are ill-timed, when employees are generally good layout of the office environment, the Internet stock bubble burst, the launch of the GEM delayed, after which no media attention.
Environmentally unsound, but Liu day to show the intuition of this new business investment in 2001 in three projects which two Coship Talkweb Information, but the significance of investment in later years reflected.
Bing Xiao, Hong Kong China Travel China Travel Service in Hong Kong for seven years, has served as Deputy General Manager of Economic Development Co., Ltd.. From the point of view of the career ceiling and motivate, he decided for a change. Desperate for Long Qiu Yun, Xiao Bing to enter the Dianguangchuanmei in 2002.
Xiao Bing's post is also the assistant general manager, which is clearly a transition to 2003, Xiao Bing came to Shenzhen.
Shaw ice into the right industry at the wrong time, and now he share the trouble with Liu day. Memories of two of the words the phrase is very interesting:
"I think this situation is too dangerous to pull Fu Zhe wide over fact, he was a stranger Venture Capital." Xiao Bing recalled in an interview with the Xinmin Weekly "in 2009.
"In the beginning, we have five or six investment managers. However, in 2005, strictly speaking, we have only one investment manager, is with Xiao Bing Liang Guozhi there is another just to do the secondary market investment in turn the Zhe Fu wide, he was on the Venture Capital unfamiliar. "Liu day in 2010, recalled in an interview with the investors.
So now Fu Zhe wide, yes, since June 2000 as Chief Investment Officer of Shenzhen Fortune Venture Capital Co., Ltd., responsible for investment management. Should be repositioned on the post.
However, the Fu Zhe wide, soon to enter the state, he has a review, it comes to travel in Jiangxi in 2005, to see a store front row in a long queue, triggered a curiosity. "I also join in the fun to buy some, actually spicy my Hunan is very comfortable."
The two sides was exposed to the Chu Jiangeng, Xu Guifen and team up to the morning meeting seminar, but time is not ripe at that time.
Start a career starting point in the Fu Zhe wide, Liu day to the Board for more communication. Paid by the internal sound Liu day will be the morning to withdraw from Shenzhen to Changsha, and how much you can save some costs. Simply withdraw the agency is also a possibility.
June 27, 2006, Coship small board in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed. Belong circulation in the domestic market, venture capital exit the first case.
St. agricultural development
"One or two workers will be able to raise hundreds of thousands of chickens, completely subverts the imagination of our agriculture." In 2006, Fu Zhe wide access to the development of Sunner. Was recommended by the sponsor, Fortune linked to this project.
For St. agricultural development, is a chicken and egg business story ...
In 1983, the 29-year-old Fu Guangming to resign from the the WINNER armed Ministry, through bank loans, investment of $ 20,000, to establish individual chicken farm in the WINNER shilipu sow ridge.
WINNER is located in the northwest of Fujian Province, the Wuyi Mountains, the northern section, the Yingtan Fujian portal. Population of 15.6 million, 21.61 million mu of arable land in the county, the national commodity grain base counties.
Is not easy at first, one piece, said Fu Guangming bought 600 eggs to hatch a chick and finally grow up, or a rooster, but this one is also hope. There is a process of experience accumulation, second, or 600 eggs, 300 chicks hatched. Established in April 1989, WINNER kinds of farms.
Company Records: August 1988, gloss kinds of farms Levin traces the introduction of the first animal husbandry graduates.
Levin traces graduated from Fujian College of Agriculture Department of Veterinary Medicine, a master's degree. Levin traces raised out of a single species circle, take the feed processing, chicken hatching, broiler comprehensive three-dimensional development of the road. Before 1997, there have been 15 college students to join Sunner.
(April 2005, Levin traces of the "Special Contribution Award". Fu Guangming awarded the highest honor of Levin signs levy Sunner Sunner tripod. Also received a bonus of 500,000 yuan.)
In May 1993, the gloss chicken production, increase sales, trade, industry, agriculture, integration of the model, the establishment of agricultural breeding from the breeder, Miaoji hatch broiler slaughter and processing, sales train transport industrial production organization, employs 400 people, slaughter broilers ten thousand, the annual output of more than 300 million broiler chickens.
Then in September 1994, the gloss chicken and Yum Brands, KFC Chinese companies to establish long-term supply and marketing partnership. The reason is that before Fu Guangming has launched a frozen production line. Corresponds to the time because the liabilities of more than 1000 million investment each month to repay $ 1 million, quite a pressure.
November 12, 1987, the first KFC restaurant in China opened in Beijing Qianmen. The original recipes including chicken flavor, chicken and mashed potatoes, vegetable salad with chicken flavor priced at 2.5 yuan each. McDonald's is in Shenzhen in 1990 opened its first restaurant in China.
KFC in 1992 the total number of the National Restaurant 10, 1995 71. June 25, 1996, Kentucky 100 stores opened in Beijing. 2000, 400.
To July 2000, Sunner has reached 30,000 daily slaughter broilers and an annual output of broiler production scale of 10 million, employs 1,200 people, the initial formation of the broiler industry based, digestion and disposal of waste by-product, supplemented by the farmers industrialization of agriculture enterprises.
"China's agriculture industry concentration is not high, as the industry slowly began to focus on, will certainly be accompanied to produce a large number of leading modern agricultural enterprises." Fu Zhe wide, and later in an interview with "Nanfang Dushi Bao" summary.
In August 2005, Sunner by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety Service (FSIS) inspection, get the recommended qualifications for registration to the United States.
July 9, 2006, Sunner Broiler Processing Plant was put into production. Plant was started on June 15, 2005, the introduction of three European automatic chicken slaughter line and processing equipment, processes, automatic cutting transferred hanging system, automatically dig bore cleaning system, automatic air-cooled cooling system, broiler processing capacity 7200 Wan Yu.
However, a 2006 outbreak of avian influenza. Xinhua Beijing February 21, the integrated power Xinhua correspondent reported recently to the highly pathogenic H5N1 bird flu spreading in the world, some countries have taken urgent measures to prevent the epidemic from further spread of
Tension sweeping the globe, even in Germany the public to make, due to the outbreak of avian influenza in Germany, June 9-July 9 World Cup held in the local should be abolished.
This inevitably hesitate to make other investment institutions, Fortune apparently seized the opportunity. Was invested in two rounds, the total amount of 46 million yuan, the valuation is about 8 times.
Fu Zhe wide, in 2006 also involved in two projects, Guangzhou laborers rivers of green tires, as well as Hubei Wuhan silicone new materials.
Sunner Development Review: China's first large-scale bird flu occurred in the period from November 2005 to June 2006. Using an integrated, self-support self-slaughter business model, as well as the accumulation of special geographical advantage and the Company is located in the mountains of more than 20 years of broiler and epidemic prevention technology, the Company is not the occurrence of the disease, production losses.
On the afternoon of March 7, 2008, Fortune and Beijing Heng Tai Aipu oil exploration and development Technology Co., Ltd. investment signing ceremony held in Beijing's Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Building 5. Involving an amount of $ 10,000,000.
Heng Tai Aipu is the business of oil and gas exploration and development of software and service providers, similar to the giant Halliburton. R & D exploration and development of software products, respectively, used in seismic data acquisition design, processing and interpretation, reservoir development model design, as well as geological mapping.
Zhongguancun Software Park incubation company. In 2005, Sun Geng Wen rented 500 square meters of office space, the formation of the the Hengtai Albert geophysical technology Co., Ltd..
Sun G text of an interview with the "Beijing Daily", "Heng Tai Aipu experienced growth, development and maturity of three stages. Zhongguancun Software Park Incubator, according to our different stages of development, provide a basis for environmental, business, investment and financing, personnel training , personnel reporting and intellectual property related services. "
At the end of 2008, by the person, Fu Zhe wide, contact Treasure Island, chairman Wang Yuhong.
We know, the British writer Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island", this is the young dream of countless Chinese and foreign children, or is also a Fu Zhe wide, a teenager dreams. Rough seas, a boy met a captain, and then have a treasure map ... Stevenson to tell the readers, the most important in life is love and a sense of justice.
Introduce myself: in the field of bulk products e-commerce, Treasure Island, the first to achieve the information flow, capital flow, logistics of the "third-rate one, for all participants of the staple products of the industrial chain, to provide internal reference information, spot transactions, financing a full range of e-commerce solutions.
Its operations, commodity trading platform with a variety of simple profit model, to successfully meet the diverse needs of customers. "Fu Zhe wide.
Enter the program in March 2009, three months of investigation, Fortune and Treasure Island signed in June. Will be Treasure Island inject 100 million yuan, the first round of not less than 50 million yuan.
Prior to May, Fortune Venture Capital announced the investment sunbird 31 million domestic venture capital yacht industry's first single.
"Fancy sunbird First, think the yacht industry in the current timing of relatively good, to a an industry-initiated early, and two is that the sun birds of philosophy in the domestic industry with the company which, or relatively close to the international standards of." Fu Zhe wide later in the an interview with the "institutional investors", said.
Then this field will appear similar to the auto companies experienced the popularity of the process? "At present, most low-end yacht, 200 000 -50 million can buy, a family vacation with yacht 150 million -200 million can buy, even for the middle class, nor is it unattainable." Founder Li Yue first when it comes to accept the "21st Century Business Herald in an interview.
Paid by the background, while the first listed company projects Coship Fortune popular concerns of the industry's investment in the cable television field.
July 2007, Fortune Venture Capital and Shanghai Chong, China Merchants Technology Investment Oriental wide as the 65 million yuan, of which, Fortune Venture Capital invested 35 million yuan. Fu Zhe W, this is the case of venture capital and strategic investment simultaneously.
In October 2007, the East Canton, as selected Deloitte Technology Fast 50 companies, ranked 19, the average growth rate of 438.02 percent for three consecutive years into named to the Asian high-tech, high-growth 500 .
In September 2002, the Beijing Oriental Plaza, as the technology limited liability company set up a registered capital of 1 million yuan. Enter the field of digital television in 2004, two-way digital TV solutions and products begin to develop independent intellectual property rights.
In 2007, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, the implementation of the entire network two-way digital television, the opening of the interactive services to all users within the network, so that the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone became the first truly two-way digital entire transfer region belong to the Digital Olympics typical project.
In May 2009, the East Canton as the commitment to the "pilot project of the National Cultural Information Sharing Project - Dalian rural information network construction. The smooth implementation of the project means that the East Canton, as will be the construction of the first to complete 30 million above the level of network two-way digital TV manufacturers. "
Oriental wide as the finalists Huilongguan, Changping District in 2009 taxpayers in the top ten.
View of investment in agriculture
October 21, 2009, Fujian Sunner Development Co., Ltd. in the small board in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed.
9:30 the Nanping Mayor Gong Qinggai and company chairman Fu Guangming St. agricultural development listed ringing the opening bell. Listed opening price of 27.4 yuan to close at 26.25 yuan, or 32.91%.
A summary of the Fortune Venture Capital: the successful listing of the St. agricultural development, Fortune Venture Capital is another major milestone, and it laid the first to eat crab "Fortune Venture Capital in the strategic layout of the modern agriculture industry leading position.
This evaluation from the industrial point of view, are too modest, the Sunner listed, comparable to the Softbank Asia Investment grand. Softbank Asia Investment grand is a watershed in the field of venture capital, and since then, the understanding of the investment team to be respected.
A Snapshots Sunner Director Fufen Fang is Fu Guangming's daughter, was born in 1980, is 80.
Fu Fenfang held directly Sunner development of 539.947 million shares. In addition, the Industrial shareholders of Sunner Sunner development of 23,479.366 shares, while the Fu Fenfang Sunner Industry held a 12.5% ​​stake.
29-year-old sea chicken, only the family can live better. Aged 39, I set up Sunner Industrial Co., Ltd., would like for the children to leave 46-year-old, I built Sunner Group so far, just the most painful to do first finished, so that her daughter after easier. "Fu Guangming Fujian Business Times" interview summary.
Fu begin to take over for several years, she led a direction of human resources.
This is an investment that belong to the brand and gains a double harvest. "Project to bring up the morning return on investment of more than 20 times, difficult to have such a high return on investment in other industries. The end of 2011, when Fu Zhe wide review.
A chicken, "the left hand, right hand a duck." Before, in July, after several years of communication, Fortune has finally reached the same Huangshanghuang consistent inject 36 million yuan.
The company's Web site states: rely on meat duck farming - slaughter - characteristics of the industrialization of meat processing operations, the Ministry of Agriculture as the third national agricultural product processing industry demonstration base.
Each generation entrepreneur, corresponding to the era of the early 1990s, the work of Xu Guifen in Nanchang meat company laid off, age is very passive, just 40s. Work hard to find, nowhere near retirement age.
She previously served as a retail outlet manager. He opened a duck store, "the Lucai to taste, look, Rex. Business to pick up after the staff, she pulled to love Chu Jiangeng. Chu Jiangeng previously deputy director of the organs and units in Zhuhai Office, but he belongs to the entrepreneurial enthusiasm.
The company has established a "company + farmers' professional cooperatives + farmers", the "company + farming district + farmers" mode. Chu Jiangeng introduced Huangshanghuang ducklings, feed and other basic raw materials, the farmers responsible for breeding. "
Fujian Sunner upstream downstream Huangshanghuang the contrary, on the basis of existing downstream brand, channel, and then the progressive development of the upstream breeding, slaughter. "Fu Zhe wide," First Financial Daily "interview pointed out.
The biggest names in the field of agriculture is no doubt Mr Liu, about 10 years ago, I said, our country agriculture will be a period of transition, this period has come. "
Mr Liu in an interview with Beijing News "Special Report" to see 2012 "in late 2011 interview talking about: first, the per capita GDP of more than $ 3,000, the second, a large number of migrant workers in cities, China's 800 million farmers, I that may be only half of the actual resident population of the rural.
Fundamentally speaking, the premise of the model economy of farmers, rural existence of the invisible labor force, as the city gradually absorbed after the young working population in rural areas, agriculture will show the trend of more intensive management.
Fu Zhe W also said that at this stage, farmers will be organized can be implemented and strong, but the future may be the same as in Western countries, led by large-scale farms. Intensive operations will affect the agricultural supply chain, and agricultural resources will promote the production capacity.
Of course, we know, Jiuding investment in universal screening of the field of pesticides. Similar to the layout, of course, also more than one of them.
Industrial investment is actually one step ahead, COFCO Fortune edible oil press releases stressed The COFCO seeks to take full control of all aspects of raw materials, production, transportation, logistics and other seamless process control system to ensure that product quality can be retroactive.
December 2011, the Fu Zhe wide in the Nanfang Dushi Bao "an oral: to do the whole industry chain has another advantage, the countries' agricultural support policies are concentrated in the upstream sector in the farming cultivation and initial processing, you can enjoy the state various preferential policies in the agricultural field, the company's profitability may become a lot stronger.
The previous year in an interview with the Oriental Morning Post, he talked about "the protection of the State is a necessary precondition of our investment in agriculture, subsidies, many, many tax relief for some industries the gross profit margin is not high, but do not pay taxes net profit margin can be high. "
Best Venture Capitalists
September 28, 2010, sunbirds Yacht Co., Ltd. visit the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM. The issue price of 28.88 yuan, the issue of price-earnings ratio of 96.27 times.
January 7, 2011, Hang Tai Yipu Petroleum Gas Technology Services Limited landing the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM. Issue price of 57 yuan, the issue of price-earnings ratio of 99.92 times.
Of course, the market environment is the change in February after the IPO price-earnings began to decline.
June 21, Jiangxi Hengda High-tech Co., Ltd. listed on the small board in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the company is committed to the development of new materials, wear and corrosion and wear, corrosion, energy-saving industrial system equipment, technical engineering services. Issue price of 20 yuan, the issue of price-earnings ratio of 30.30 times.
Was down 2.5 percent in the first day. March 2010, prior to the replenishment of the Fortune Venture Capital and other three institutions, at an issue price of 20 dollars, the carrying amount of return of 1.9 times.
"Fortune investment has been the focus of agricultural products went to the consumer goods stage." On the 2011 investment, Fu Zhe wide, the "entrepreneurial state" interview talking about.
He talked about specific projects: for example, we have invested in the cultivation of artificial licorice base; also invested in tea brand chain Huaxiang Court, grown from the base, rough, channel, brand, industry chain has done a very complete.
2011 the price of pork is a hot topic. The pork production of 50.53 million tons, the amount of live pigs 467 670 000, the stock market.
Fu Zhe W should be cautious, "First Financial Daily" interview, he pointed out, the industry rushed to the influx will cause price declines, contrary large quantities of departure to exit, the price will quickly rise to Tazhun this kinds of cyclical rhythms is an easy thing. "
In the first half of 2011, the price of pork has a rise, was the hot topic of public concern, the overall price has also been affected, from September, prices come down slowly. 2012 Chinese New Year prices fell further, but the cost remains high, around there came the news of pig farmers do not make money.
Now Fu Zhe wide, is a partner of Fortune Venture Capital Co., Ltd., vice president in charge of the investment business of the company's South Area. Forbes China Best Venture Capitalists list to launch in late 2011, the 42-year-old Fu Zhe wide for the first time the list.
March 22, 2012, the SFC website of the Beijing Oriental Plaza, as the Science and Technology Co., Ltd. GEM starting prospectus (draft report).
Published in the March 30 Food Co., Ltd. of Jiangxi Huangshanghuang Group initial public offering prospectus (draft report).
The prospectus states: As of December 31, 2011, the company owned outlets and franchised stores across the country a total of 1,798; early 2009, the company owned outlets and franchised stores in the country a total of 676 since early 2009 to December 2011 31, the national number of stores increased by 165.98%.
2010 total revenue of 69,446.94 million, representing an increase of 34.18% over 2009; 2011 the company achieved operating income of 88,613.38 million, representing an increase of 27.60% over 2010.
Over the past few years, investment in agriculture has suddenly heating up, according to the investment in the Group's financial data products CVSource statistics, in the third quarter of 2006 to 2011, China agricultural sector disclosed a total of 184 VC / PE investment cases, a total investment of $ 5,019,000,000.
According to the Qing dynasties, in 2011, China's agricultural sector, the disclosure of 89 from the VC / PE investment cases. 78 disclose the investment amount, a total of $ 1,104,000,000.
The Zero2IPO Xiao Jun, an analyst at China Securities News "interview in March 2012 pointed out that" their interest in agriculture is not confined to the maturity or near maturity of the project can wait a long time, such as PE is generally wait In five years, the VC can wait longer. "
Characteristics of investment in this area, prior to Fu Zhe wide, in an interview with the "Global Entrepreneur" summary "output to the final listing from the planting, breeding a long time, such as cattle, a cycle down to take a year or two years, agricultural enterprises to achieve market also needs a process. "
Foreign venture capital advantages in human resources, should be understood, is still concentrated in the field of TMT, energy and consumer chain, As Fu Zhe wide, discussed the cycle of investment in agriculture, human resources also need time to accumulate.
Local venture capital has been the experience. In the field of venture capital, a logical, missed a big trend, a venture capital institutions are irreparable.
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