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Company Profile:
Sino × × × Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a Chinese pharmaceutical distribution company with annual sales ranked fourth in the country, the profitability of the industry ranked first in a leading position in the industry.
● distribution of business:
- Drug distribution main to the hospital pharmacy, township hospitals, community health service centers, private clinics, and joined the pharmacy, while also undertaking wholesale pharmaceuticals business. The current focus of the work of five provinces and cities in Hubei, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Anhui, Beijing;
- × × × creation originated in the retail pharmacy business in 2005, the drugstore chain 3425, ranking second in the country; to adapt to the current round of medical reform, business transformation from 2008, the drugstore chain specializing in business to open up the hospital, hospitals high-end customers, while increasing the drug business and wholesale business; With the successful transformation of the chains on profits accounted for only a total corporate profits is less than 20%.
- Able to take full advantage of existing logistics network pharmacy business;
- From 2009 began to focus on expanding hospital business.
● retail business
- Sino × × × Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. still owns the 4788 franchise pharmacies.
Investment Background:
Based on the world, especially the concern of the rapid growth of the Chinese healthcare market in China, we have chosen to the expansion of the national distribution is being used by the regional focus of leading enterprises × × × as investments.
- Company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2013.
- The companies are willing to sell no more than 12% of the shares, and agreed to be diluted.
- 11 times the price for a 2011 profit of 450 million yuan investment.
- The company agreed to guarantee commitment. Such as the end of 2013 failed to market, while the annual interest rate of 20% of the standard repurchase shares. The financing of the Lord used to the layout of business development and marketing network to promote its faster development.
Reasons to invest
l China's economy continued strong growth in household disposable income increased, driven the rapid growth of health care expenditures.
l Chinese society aging trend to accelerate the extension of average life expectancy, will be a strong impetus to the Chinese health care consumer spending sustained and rapid growth.
l China's urbanization process is accelerating, and we will vigorously promote the health care consumer industry rapid development.
l The current round of new medical reform and the quality of care requirements to upgrade, we will vigorously promote the pharmaceutical market growth.
1 × × × is currently in the regional integration of an industry transition to national integration.
- China currently has 13 000 pharmaceutical distributors, industry is highly fragmented;
- The Chinese government policy to support the strength of the large pharmaceutical distributor to integrate small distributors.
1 × × × is one of the main beneficiaries of the current round of new health care reform, historic opportunity to make it a leading company in Chinese industry.
- Chairman of knowledge, vision, very exceptional strategic thinking and vision, are familiar with China's national conditions, there is a strong sense of dedication and professionalism, with 10 years experience in Pharmaceutical distribution in various parts of China has an extremely rich network of resources.
- A clear development strategy, in line with the orientation of the current round of new medical reform policies.
- The company is the same industry in China from Sinopharm, China Resources medicine, Kyushu, the most potential to become a national pharmaceutical distributor.
- The ability of the management team
- Corporate governance structure specification
- The company plans in 2013 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
l The company started from the retail pharmacy, has a wealth of experience of drug distribution.
l attractive investment prices, and provides investment guarantee protection.
Additional information:
l do not accept investments of the Fund, and accept only the direct investor's investment.
l direct investment need to be × × × a special investment fund Guanghui letter Equity Investment Fund LP, the investment fund for investment × × × a special fund does not invest in other projects, by the wide Prudential Investment Companies and served as general partner people.
l partner of the General Assembly agreed that the general partner each year in the month after the establishment and later the same month by all the partners actual contribution of the total management fee of 2% / year one-time provision for the costs incurred in the daily management of the general partner salary costs and personnel. However, the third year, partners can choose to be subscribed to or deducted from investment income approach to pay.
l The fund's income distribution and the principle of merit pay on fund deposit continued to the expiration. The operational effectiveness of the Fund and there is sufficient net cash proceeds, ahead of the income distribution, and the general partner of the distribution of merit pay. Be distributed in advance, the proposal subject to the general partner, partner of the General Assembly approved the rear of the executable. If Guangji fund average annual return on investment equal to or greater than 15%, 20% of the the Guangji Fund distributable profits will first serve as a performance reward incentives allocated to general partner and the remaining 80% of the fund all the partners in the Guangji between the respective proportion of investment allocation.
l the total investment amount, the total fund size of $ 2.5-3 billion to the definitive agreements.
l If less than 15 percent of the special fund for the average investment rate of return, unless the partner of the General Assembly otherwise resolves, the general partner will not get merit pay, that is the fund full amount of distributable profits in accordance with the fund invested only between the proportion of all the partners distribution.
1 × × × 2013 not listed then buy back equity commitments.
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