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× × × × Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as × × × ×), on April 15, 2004 by Zheng Moumou surname Wang monetary funds jointly funded the establishment of the registered capital of 5 million yuan in 2004 April 19, an enterprise legal person business license issued by the Guangzhou City Administration for Industry and Commerce.
November 30, 2007, the company increases its registered capital of 10 million yuan, Zheng Moumou with the surname Wang Total property "Digital Network DVR System V1.0" capital after the capital increase the shareholders holding the same proportion.
June 14, 2011, the company increases its registered capital of 173.6111 million yuan, the capital increase, the company registered capital change is 1,673.6111 million, shareholders change for Zheng Moumou surname Wang, Foshan City, × × × × Venture Capital Partnership Enterprise (limited partnership), × × × × (Tianjin) equity investment fund partnership (limited partnership) and the Guangdong × × Venture Capital Limited, the shareholding ratio were 59.83%, 25.65%, 6.22%, 4.15% and 4.15%.
November 21, 2011, increase the capital to the capital surplus (capital premium) 1,907.9861 million, undistributed profits 1,418.4028 million, for a total increase of registered capital of 3,326.3889 million. The capital increase registered capital was changed to $ 50 million, the stake of each shareholder remains the same.
December 19, 2011, Zheng Moumou shareholders of the Company, the surname Wang cash replacement of the original November 30, 2007 Intellectual Property Digital Network DVR System V1.0 "contribution, which Zheng Moumou monetary funds invested 700 million surname Wang monetary funds invested 3 million yuan.
The above contribution both to verify the capital verification report issued by the accounting firm of Zhuocheng.
Second, the business scope and the main business
Business scope: electronic products, computer hardware and software technology research, development. Sales: electronic products, computer and accessories. Except the intelligent electronic system design, installation, maintenance (state monopoly exclusive control of the project), import and export of goods, technology import and export (legal, administrative regulations prohibit the project, except legal, administrative regulations limit the project shall obtain a permit before the operation).
Third, market strategy, product strategy, brand strategy
(1) to direct sales, distributors, industry, systems integration and operation and maintenance services of four carriage to keep pace with the market development strategy.
× × × × as the backbone of the enterprise security industry, continuous improvement and self-breakthrough. According to the comparative analysis of 2009-2011 into a three-year sales data, annual sales of more than 30% the proportion of rapid growth, which depends on the perfect market system and marketing model.
Focus on research industry and key clients and projects, provincial cities, to strengthen the focus on the development of large customers and the two cities, intensive farming S, A-level customers, secret agents of the secondary market through the distributor, the regional agency, agent, The core partners a variety of flexible ways to form strategic alliances with customers and achieve win-win situation.
Industry quality + full range of products for the guiding ideology of product strategy.
Traditional video surveillance system is mainly used for small and medium-sized projects, to seize the market with cheap, stable performance-based
· Network video surveillance system is mainly used for large and medium-sized project to establish a brand, breakthrough performance-based
· ODM / OEM public broadcasting full range of products is a new growth point in the performance
· Platform software for the operation of large projects or projects of the Group to breakthrough performance-based
· Industry-tailored professional equipment for the armed police / judicial / Xunkao / urban management and other industries, currently on the market less competitive, to quickly seize the biggest growth market performance
· System integration of large and medium-sized customers and project-based, service-oriented technology projects as the growth performance
Brand building sales driven.
× × × × has been increased from the competition in the product-brand competition, and then the establishment of brand equity from the previous brand marketing, the rising popularity and reputation of × × × ×, and has been recognized by the community ,2005-2011 won ten national brands of China Security. Security Top Ten brand-name enterprises, famous brand in Asia, China's economy hundreds of corporate integrity, security companies, 50, safe city construction recommended brand, the national "3111" pilot project to recommend good brand, most investment value of the enterprise, Guangzhou City, the famous trademarks, national scientific and technological innovative enterprises that awards have successfully promoted the pace of development of the × × × ×.
Fourth, the 2012 annual equity financing plan
1.2011 year has completed the financing conditions and capital operation to prepare:
Signed in 2010 and 2011 by screening the complete investment team of accountants, lawyers, sponsor and appraisers, and have separately approach the due diligence work done listed and issued by the "due diligence report. 2011, the company has been in the company's daily operation on the basis of standardization and standards under the guidance of all listed intermediary.
2.2012-year financing plan:
We plan to raise 40 million yuan of funds in the first half of 2012;
While the old shareholders to sell 10 million yuan of shares of stock;
Unlike the first round of financing, the current round, we hope to find strategic investors in the company development, strategic planning bigger and stronger and we cut hand in hand together of things the cause of security work.
Use of funds raised
The funds raised 40 million yuan planned for:
Identifying the conditions are right about 20 acres of production and office space in the park;
Looking for a suitable company or business acquisition opportunities, and increase the amount of production of liquidity.
The listing plan: strive in the first year of the reporting period to 2011 is listed, GEM or small plates listed to the China Securities Regulatory Commission after the 2013 annual audit was completed in early 2014, and strive listed in the year 2014.
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