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Jilin XXXX Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.


· Status and Market:
(1) industry chain: XXXX has completed the upper reaches of the layout, and actively to the downstream, and strive to achieve "integration"
(2) the production process: XXXX advanced adiabatic nitration process has obvious advantages
(3) aniline market supply: XXXX will be the domestic as well as the world's largest commodity aniline manufacturers and suppliers
(4) aniline market demand: As of October 2011, XXXX aniline production capacity will reach 360,000 tons / year, XXXX will become domestic MDI aniline suppliers will soon become the world's largest suppliers of aniline.
(5) aniline market price: the industry to establish price alliance, the basic price of oil, benzene prices consistent linkage
(6) market competition: XXXX will rise to the domestic and world aniline industry's first manufacturer
· The company's competitiveness
Institutional advantages: XXXX chemical is the only private enterprise in the larger aniline industry, and South of Shanxi Tianji, Ningbo Wanhua compared with the institutional advantages; XXXX chemical and foreign-funded enterprises Sinpo chemical compared to the upstream extension more advantages, also has an institutional advantage in the context of countries to encourage the development of national industry.
The cost advantage: compared to major competitors, the purchase price of the main raw material benzene has an advantage; hydrogen use of lignite and low calorific coal production to guarantee the cost advantages, but also form a stable supply; nitric acid by the joint venture company supplies the corresponding competitive advantage.
Advantage of the device technology: advanced technology, the use of the adiabatic nitration technology, domestic Shanxi Tianji Wanhua shares using this technology; at the same time, the two devices will "liquid phase hydrogenation technology, domestic Shanxi Tianji and The Wanhua shares using this technique.
Product quality advantages: XXXX employees of the original guitar technicians constitute skilled operation; the same time, the XXXX monomer unit, the production run is good, stable product quality.
Upstream and downstream development advantages: business planning, XXXX and gradually extend the industrial chain, the upstream and guitar Coal Mining in Inner Mongolia coal production of nitric acid and Huainan Chemical Group; downstream consider the plant on Changxing Island in cooperation with MDI manufacturers to achieve the integration of industrial chain .
Transportation advantage: to overcome the geographical disadvantage of the located in the northeast, The XXXX chemical plant in the region has a railway extension, and the establishment of the interim repository, directly to chemical raw materials and finished products shipped by relatively cheaper railway line.
Market advantage: XXXX has been very stable occupation of the domestic MDI market, while the occupation, including several major areas of Shandong, Tianjin, Hebei, northeast, plastic additives and other non-MDI industry.
Team advantage: XXXX almost introduction of the original guitar of aniline and related management team, and also the introduction of the production of aniline executives of other companies and high-end technical personnel.
· Risk factors and countermeasures
MDI demand risk and industrial extension risk (1)
Countermeasures: XXXX Chemical and Huntsman to determine a strategic supplier as its two 240,000 tons of MDI project; Wanhua, Bayer signed a strategic agreement to ensure its supply of new capacity; and Dow Chemical proposed MDI project, digestion new capacity.
(2) competition within the industry and capacity expansion risk
Countermeasures: In addition to the above and MDI manufacturers strategic agreement, XXXX actively expand rubber chemicals customers, seeking to expand the aniline export, while ensuring the stability of product quality and good service, the customer acceptance.
(3) production safety risk
Countermeasures: XXXX chemical attaches great importance to production safety, the general manager of the domestic chemical production safety authority; the same time, the company continued to increase investment in production safety, to ensure system stability and security.
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