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× × global public information service platform project


E-consumer "business model
× × company under the Companies' financial information, financial and cultural, financial wisdom, a brand's core philosophy, well-designed commercial public communion, harmonious congregation win "the e-consumer" business model. e consumer business model relying on global public information service platform in × × × × series of software services business areas, to create a full range of commercial public communion, harmony congregation win "e consumer business alliance business district.
× × global public information service platform
- Business Intelligence series of software services
Give the business a full range of information management systems, cloud computing systems to solve the self-built information system requires human, material and financial trouble. Like a huge power plant, pull through wire can be used. Businesses do not need to build information management systems. For businesses to save a huge amount of research and development and maintenance costs!
× × series of software services business intelligence
1) Business Intelligence precision marketing management system
Focus on collecting comprehensive consumer information, business sales information, market information and seamless links to businesses and consumers to help businesses to immediately grasp the accurate city-wide consumer demand for information to help businesses online line precision marketing to raise the overall business market competitiveness.
2) Business Intelligence SMS Publishing System
× × platform for SMS to release the precise links of businesses and consumers, merchants can precisely select the target customers, ready to publish promotion information to help businesses achieve precision marketing online and offline to change the business of passive marketing bottlenecks, timely tracking service consumers.
3) Business Intelligence financial settlement system
× × business intelligence financial settlement system to help businesses manage sales and settlement records, auto-complete e consumer income statistics and bonuses exchange financial functions, and help businesses easy financial management.
4) Business Intelligence Alliance Management System
× × business intelligence alliance operating system, automatic statistics e consumer membership in the Union business spending records, real-time sorting Union, operating income, to enable the Union business to become each other's chain stores.
5) Business Intelligence Decision Management System
To help businesses through the × × intelligent data mining engine, analysis of accurate data of consumer spending, record information, consumer demand, information management within the city range, filter out the businesses target customers and key customer to provide powerful business intelligence system, business management, decision-making supported.
e consumer business model relying on global public information service platform in × × × × series of software services business areas, and service commercial areas 30% of mainstream businesses to create a full range of commercial public communion, harmony congregation win business alliance Alliance Circle:
e consumer business model relies on the platform of × × × × e consumer system software to collect consumer information for every business consumer members to reward consumers for spending in the Union district, consumers only need to provide a normal consumer information available to consumer incentives to participate in business profits direct distribution of consumer information to produce economic value, to cultivate the spending habits of consumers in the shopping district of Union, the Union within the district business with loyal consumers have absolute, and enhance the turnover of businesses in the Union district ;
e consumer business model relying on a platform of × × × × precision marketing management system software to businesses to provide business information management alliance within the district to immediately grasp the accurate market information, to enhance the market competitiveness within the Union district;
e consumer business model relies on the platform of × × × × business intelligence system software to provide information management services to Union business within the Union in the Union district businesses can participate in their shops registered consumer members in all walks of life post-consumer alliance within the district commercial distribution of profits, business to maximize profits within the business in the Union district.
e consumer business model is the extensive penetration of IT to the business sector is a comprehensive application of cloud computing in the commercial sphere, through the network economy and real economy, demand for information on consumer spending in the × × platform for scientific collection, sorting, analysis and classification, and the value of trade in services, information passed to the timely cooperation of manufacturers, distributors and service providers, the manufacturers, vendors, service providers and consumers to achieve system link, so that different areas , different regions, different industry, information sharing, resource sharing, constitutes a huge business all the Union and the interests of the community, consumers, businesses × × parties virtuous cycle of development.
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