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Malacca • Four Seasons Golden Crystal Haicheng "project


Ten advantages of investment in Malacca's six-star hotel apartment:
More comfortable living environment is the main reason to move to Malaysia. Malaysian political and economic environment is stable, improving infrastructure, land, sea and air transportation facilities, climate all year round warm moderate, Chinese and Western multi-ethnic, multicultural, multilingual, lifestyle, low consumption level. Can be free from any domestic international airports and from purchased between West Asia and China, the flight time is only 3 hours, equivalent to the time of flight from Shenzhen to Beijing. Four Seasons in the beautiful historical and cultural city - Malacca, glow with vitality. Here, cultural tourism, real estate, international trade, logistics headquarters and other emerging industries and traditional industries combined, and is emitting a light that takes away people! Location and profound cultural sedimentation, the four seasons such as spring and autumn-like comfort, people such as relatives and friends as friendly! Today, people from all over the world are here to invest in life livable. Here, too, become a resident of Singapore outside the hustle and bustle of the city looking for a quiet home!
Advantage 1 - Investors will receive a permanent right of residence in Malaysia to enjoy the rights of all citizens to citizens' right to vote:
Investors to buy a six-star hotel apartment investment in Malaysia, we will be free of charge to help investors apply for permanent residency rights in Malaysia, so that the investor has a permanent residence permit in Malaysia.
Every residence permit holders to enjoy the rights of all citizens in addition to the voting rights of citizens, freedom of doing business in Malaysia, the purchase of the freehold title deed land, freely accessible, do not accept any form of control, as long as not contrary to the premise of the Malaysian law. any industry can operate freely. One to take charge of the application, the family is entitled to sign, parents may be accompanied by more than 60 years of age, and can bring a maid into Malaysia. Children in school, parents went to read with their parents.
Advantage 2 - investment in children will enjoy all of the right to education, exclusive of Commonwealth countries, the education system of quality education of the English Department:
Elementary, junior high, senior high school education, as well as the university the right of investors to buy holiday homes in Malaysia to obtain a residence permit children in local schools in Malaysia to enjoy. Commonwealth countries, the education system, English Department, a quality education.
Implementation of the "3 +0 courses and twinning program between Malaysia and Europe and the United States, students can choose to transfer course is transferred to the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia and other countries attend. Visa do not need to return to the domestic market via awarded the diploma of the Anglo-American CANZ elite, while the cost of directly studying only 1/4. The low threshold access to overseas Chinese identity, tax exemption, the children of the entrance points, adoption of the second children special rights and interests.
Advantage of 3 - to obtain permanent title deed with the Real Estate Property in Malaysia:
Investors to invest in Malaysia to buy a six-star hotel apartment is freehold property estate, and without going through the approval of the FIC Foreign Investment Management Committee. Funds in real estate sales exempt from VAT.
Your property to enjoy the permanent protection of the laws of Malaysia. In the purchase of permanent hereditary land lease real estate, exempt from foreign income tax and inheritance tax. When children need to inherit property, simply submit a file without the need to pay any fees to inherit your estate.
Advantage 4 - exclusive Extreme treatment of the first in Asia VIP member:
Investors to invest in Malaysia to buy a six-star hotel apartment, will be lifelong supreme VIP treatment
1) coach back to the shuttle from Kuala Lumpur airport to the apartment of the six-star hotel in Malacca, without you worked hard, you only need a phone, staff will arrange for transportation.
2) will become the "land and sea pairs of habitat" theme park lifetime membership and Platinum membership, you are buying is not just a house, when will be a fun, full of surprises and an international tourist park, sitting on its glory, and exclusive interests of the industry appreciation.
3) three layers of six-star hotel apartments in Malaysia's largest spa spa, you will become a life member, exclusive of its most expensive and enjoyment.
4) six-star hotel apartment four, five, six layers of the air car park, with ample parking system, you will be exclusive to the convenience and freedom of 613 parking units.
5) The exclusive six-star hotel, VIP and enjoy the treatment. The six-star hotel apartments planned construction area of ​​6.3623 million square meters, the surrounding green coverage rate reached 67% ambient noise an average of only 32.6 db; annual temperature range between 21 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees, the average annual temperature of 26.7 degrees Celsius. temperatures moderate. Earthquake and tsunami, volcanoes and other geological natural disasters, the average urban air quality reached the national standard.
Advantage of 5 - unnecessary to cancel the Chinese nationality, can enjoy the relevant policies of the two countries:
Investors unnecessarily take away the Chinese nationality, can enjoy the relevant policies of the two countries -
* Legally in Malaysia to open China branch Bank personal deposit accounts, foreign strictly confidential.
* China is not a formal immigration, without changing the nationality need not be reported for the record. Does not affect at a later migration to other countries, but can get credit points.
* Will receive free entry and exit privileges of Malaysia for more than 120 countries. Not to be subject to return the visa application procedures, and simple procedures in Malaysia.
* Purchase the permanent hereditary land lease property shall be exempt from foreign income tax and inheritance tax. Independent Office of the company and received the tax benefits. More than 50 years of age may apply for local work permit.
* Is much higher than time deposit rates and considerable domestic stock fund stable income, the loan facility is also very convenient.
Plus 6 - flexibility and freedom to the low threshold may withdraw the non-resident's condition:
* Age limit, no English language requirements, no assets to prove the source. Decade visa renewed for life, freedom of access without repeated visa.
* Handle, short period (2-3 months), completed ready to use. Material only simple passport, marriage certificate and deposit proof of income.
* Threshold, no residency requirements, and the residence. Without giving up the national identity, career, welfare and social relations. Copies can be withdrawn at any time, without any loss.
* One-person applicants, the family will receive signed, parents may be accompanied by more than 60 years of age, and can bring a maid into Malaysia.
* Free to live in Malaysia, life, start a business, business business, buying land, can also be freely between doing business between China and ASEAN countries, life developed their businesses.
Advantage - Malacca hot room - very rare the last affordable housing high-yield opportunities, become a very substantial investment:
Four Seasons in the beautiful historical and cultural city - Malacca, glow with vitality. You find the soul's sojourn. I believe that after a careful look, will be identified it is this self-occupied vacation you are looking for the best location for investment appreciation! Precisely because it guards the Malacca lifeline of the throat area, unique in the world, but also determines its value can not reshape! Definitely worth immediately with the fleeting golden investment opportunities! Project advantages:
- Located in the offshore oil lifeline throat Malacca city center
- Malaysia, the only special approval from foreigners RM500, 000 limit real estate
- Luxuriously furnished, complete configuration, a full range of international brand-name furniture, appliances, waiting for the bag to stay
- Deputy prime minister of Malaysia and the Malacca Chief Executive personally cut the ribbon for the project
- In 4-6 years to recover the capital invested, and will receive the rental yield of up to 10-15% a year, buyers can sign the optional annual lease rent every three years according to the value fares
- Apartments, downstairs is a super-SHOPPING MALL, excellent surrounding facilities, immediately showing appreciation
- Buyers can choose to participate in the mission site for buyers and provide free travel to handle and free to apply for permanent residency applications.
Advantage 8 - Malaysia - old age a happy life in Paradise:
Malaysia is Asia's most liveable country, is the most popular country of immigrants. Because there are friendly and gentle people, lower cost of living, sound infrastructure, a stunning natural environment, a good investment environment, and multicultural, and international high level of education system. Air is good, the temperatures (annual temperature range between 21 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees). The earthquake and tsunami, volcanoes and other geological natural disasters. Similar in the two countries and cultural background, 1/4 Chinese, Malaysian, Chinese is quite popular, favored by many retirement people.
Advantage - Get a free tariff policy of the private car:
Investment in Malaysia to invest in the six-star hotel apartment, you can get a free tariff purchase automobile indicators, saving up to 300% entry tax.
Each residence permit holders can also be a private car into Malaysia, or you can buy an assembled car in Malaysia and enjoy import duty exemption, the preferential policies of the local consumption tax and sales tax, vehicle license in accordance with own preferences, digital or English licenses. To personal preferences 100% satisfaction.
Advantage of 10 - all the formalities of our agency, you need not toil:
Investors to invest in Malaysia to buy a six-star hotel apartment, permanently on the residency of all formalities by our agent to do, without you worked hard, you go into action only when you have to come forward please.
Malacca, Malaysia, the project since its implementation, its lower threshold than the simple procedures and preferential treatment to attract a large number of foreign people to the horse to settle in, opened up a creative writing to attract foreign investment for Malacca Malaysia tourism has also become an independent Some landscape. The same time, Malaysia's international education environment as well as the unique "twinning programs" so that students will only take a small amount of money can be "a springboard for students studying in Europe and the United States Australia internationally renowned universities. It has become a study in popular countries.
- Regardless of race, religion, sex or age, a free and quick, and welcome your inquiries, we are ready to accompany you to group tourism to Malaysia to study.
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