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14th session of the Main Board issuers audit committee convened


Recently, the inaugural meeting of the 14th Main Board issuers audit committee was held in Beijing. Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Guo attended the meeting and delivered an important speech.

Guo pointed out that the current world economic recovery is slow, the debt crisis in Europe continues to develop and bring a certain amount of adverse impact on our economy. However, China's economy is a typical economy, steady growth in domestic consumer demand and investment demand, China's economy is more prominent role in boosting the world economy. Since the beginning of this year, according to the deployment of the national financial work conference and the Securities and Futures Supervision Work Conference, the SFC firmly grasp the direction of the real economy, continue to deepen reform and innovation, has introduced a series of policy measures to promote market development of long-term stability. Under the joint efforts of the parties in the market, the quality of the overall operation of the market to further enhance the price structure, financing structure, ownership structure have been improved to varying degrees, and the rational allocation of resources for capital markets, the service entity's economic development by better play .

Guo said that China is in the peak period of industrialization, urbanization, information technology, investment and financing needs in the economic activity is becoming more diverse. To promote industrial restructuring, accelerate the construction of innovation-oriented country, and to promote coordinated regional economic development, capital market is also promising. Compared with the changing needs of economic transformation and development, China's capital market development is not perfect, are still facing some difficulties and problems in improving the market for financing and service mechanism. Should firmly seize the historical opportunity of the market reforms conducive to the development, appropriate to accelerate the pace of reform in key areas and key links. To persevere, make great efforts to strive to foster the growth of institutional investors in the team to speed up the construction of a multi-level market system, and continue to deepen reform of institutional mechanisms to promote the development of the company's credit bond market, further optimization of the "three rural" cultural and creative industries, small micro-enterprise development and other economic weaknesses in the securities and futures markets to promote to solve the problem of economic life over two dilemmas. Further improve the direct financing mechanisms to improve market financing structures, and improve the efficiency of market allocation of resources to better meet the reasonable requirements of the entity's economic development.

Guo stressed that the issue of system is an important part of the direct financing system. Since 2009, the IPO system implemented three reform, market-oriented reform to the identity of the parties. Deepen the issue of reform, should pay attention to the focus of the following aspects: First, to further promote information disclosure as the center of distribution system reform. The second is to further improve the issue of the transparency of the audit, and strengthen supervision. The third is to further improve the new share price formation mechanism, multi-pronged approach to inhibit the "new", "fried new behavior. Homing due diligence, to further promote the main players in the market to increase the punishment for all kinds of dishonesty and illegal behavior. The SFC will be on the basis of the overall planning, co-ordination, focus, step by step, security reform is a smooth and orderly advance.

Guo pointed out that the issuance of the audit committee system is an important part of the issue of the regulatory regime, is also the "Securities Act" clearly defined system. The new motherboard issuance examination committee members to change its role to fulfill their duties as soon as possible from market professionals to regulators, service changes in the roles; perform their duties according to law, objective and fair, in strict accordance with legal and policy work, independent, professional published views; to grasp the overall situation, with the times, and constantly improve the professional standards, to better adapt to the new situation and new requirements; must be clean and self-discipline, the alarm bells ringing, and consciously safeguard the reputation and image of the issuance examination committee. I hope diligence, Members and faithfully fulfill the duties of the issuance examination committee members live up to expectations, fulfill our mission.

The inaugural meeting of the leadership of the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued letters of appointment to the 14th Main Board of the issuance examination committee members. The newly elected 25 board issuance examination committee members to sign and submit the diligence, honesty and self-commitment letter. The fourteenth session of the Main Board of the issuance examination committee is composed of 25, 17 of them full-time members (in alphabetical order): winter Li Xu, Liu Yan, He Deming, Liu Yong, Lu HTC, Wang Yang, Chen Xiang, Zhang Wei, Wu Jun Xiang sword, Zheng Weijun, Rong Jian ginger industry Qing, Tu benefits, Li Hao, Liang Feng, Yan Kebing. 8 part-time members (in alphabetical order): Li Shuguang, Zhu Yi, Du Bing, Zhang Wei, Zheng Xiurong, Xu Xiaobo, Xie Jun, Chu steel Han.

It is reported that, in this general follows the way last year, in order to maintain the continuity of the issue of audit are still some members remain in office, the replacement of some members practice. 25 members, the reappointment of 11, the replacement of 14. 14 new members of the selection work is the same as last year, recommended in industry associations or departments to the public notice and verification of the candidates' practice to seek the views of relevant departments on the basis of the issuance examination committee of the Nomination Committee by the China Securities Regulatory Commission qualifications, the Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission work meeting decided to appoint the 25 candidates. Guo announcement issued by the President on the appointment of the 14th Main Board issuers of the Audit Committee.

Commission Vice-Chairman Liu Xinhua and other will lead and thirteenth of all members of the Main Board of the issuance examination committee and the CSRC responsible comrades also attended the meeting.

China Securities Regulatory Commission
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