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Venture Capital:
Fund Description: UBS venture capital fund focused on market-related VC investment in China, with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong. UBS Angel Fund, a deep understanding of the characteristics of the Chinese domestic market, in pursuit of long-term value investing, forever to maintain long-term close cooperation relations and entrepreneurship. In addition to providing growth capital for enterprise development, is still attracting outstanding talent, establishing a modern enterprise system, and find strategic partners, restructuring and mergers and acquisitions for companies to provide professional knowledge, experience and resources.
UBS Angel Fund has access to the British AIM GEM, Hong Kong GEM, GEM in Singapore for their support, with a wide range of overseas markets, resources and a strong network of support, UBS Angel Fund is willing admirable entrepreneurs, industry rookie innovative mode or build a good relationship and are committed to the hand, and joint efforts for the development of China's outstanding enterprises.
Investment areas:
● New Internet should format
● wireless Internet and application
Semiconductor Technology
● technology development and application of software and middleware
● Can alternative and renewable energy
● waste water, waste gas treatment of new technologies
● animation and wireless online games
● 3C integration technology development and content production
The scale of investment:
For start-up, the growing stage of the Chinese enterprises, the scale of investment ranging from millions to tens of millions.
Invested enterprises:
● The industry-leading, industry-leading
● product or business model innovation
● owned with outstanding entrepreneurs and management teams
● with high growth potential and profitability
● honesty, full of good social responsibility and entrepreneurial mission
Value-added services:
● nearly 10 years on the investment of more than 20 companies, and professional management team of UBS China, areas of concern in the investment accumulated a wealth of investment experience and resources, and has extensive and solid network of contacts, we will not only give you money, there are more important value-added services.
● provide excellent help and support for the management of enterprise market development and sales channel establishment and expansion of the brand's establishment of the terminal.
● provide detailed planning and guidance for the overall management of the enterprise development plan organizational structure and financial management.
● to help build a strong management team to team.
In the continuous development of enterprises, and to provide all levels of corporate finance, restructuring, mergers, acquisitions and other professional consulting and implementation planning.
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