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Working capital loan guarantees :

Refers to the needs of the turnover due to normal production and operation , lack of free cash flow and can not be independent of access to bank loans , commissioned by UBS financing guarantee to provide loan guarantees to obtain financing in order to enhance its credit .

The characteristics of this loan loan short-term revolving financing costs are lower , customers most frequently used loans .
Fixed assets, loan guarantees :
According to the needs of corporate capital spending , in the case of its own funds and bank loans can not be independently , by way of security to enhance their credit to obtain financing . Generally refers to companies for the construction, expansion , transformation and development . Purchase of fixed assets investment projects, and assets as collateral , commissioned by UBS financing guarantees to banks and other financial institutions to finance the way of security .
Collection of small business credit guarantee :
Refers in the same industry , in the same field or the same region , recommended by a government department , led by a leading enterprise , a number of small and medium enterprises joint before going to the same management , the same credit , unity and financial institutions to negotiate " the way , guaranteed by UBS a loan , apply for loans to financial institutions . Adequately address the difficult problem of loans to SMEs .
Matching funds services:
Bridge loans , UBS can provide short-term borrowings and long-term capital docking , to solve the transitional funding needs of SMEs , the period is generally three months or less .

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