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The raised fund , called [ AGF 1 ] , the main investment target company × × × , Jilin Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. , the Technology Development Co., Ltd. , Shenzhen City, × × × × × × Biotechnology Co. , Ltd. × × × Technology investment and Development Co. , Ltd. , Jiangsu Province , Shandong Province × × × animation Co., Ltd. , Guangdong × × × beverage Co., Ltd., several intends during the period 2013 to 2014 listed companies , we will filter out home to three involved in the entire transformation until the listing of its shares , on the one hand, dispersion degree of concentration and risk of the investment , planning and layout of the different industries .

         2012 , expected to be the new Securities Investment Fund Law to be submitted to the National People's Congress , the new law will cover the raised funds , private equity secondary market fund , private equity funds (PE), Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) and other content . For us in terms of "just right" - on the runway of the standing norms , we at least qualified athletes . We feel confident that we will be able to rely on our professional and dedicated team of professionals and professional integrity , quality resources, the platform can not only survive , but also in turn become good leading PE firms to become the king of the local PE , and determined carry the private national flag fluttering in the wind .

         Welcome your Mai Rurui silver door and become a part of UBS . Let us join hands and work for their country homes, to go along the road of justice , and take the road of true PE .

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