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Hello, everyone, welcome you open the door of UBS.
Very pleased to have the opportunity to explore how to enter the country in the 21st century industrial revolution brought new capital development opportunities. After the global economic integration, a country's economic development is largely a financial game. Against the U.S. dollar in the current financial crisis, for example, is both its impact to the world financial crisis, felt helpless, but they had to rely on a ready monetary system to the U.S. dollar as the main, this is contradictory, but helplessly.
The new century economic order, and must adhere to the path of reform within the outward extension of "development, the financial strength of our nation's only may be fundamentally solved.
In the moment, the people too much faith in government policy and market, led to a laissez-faire of the private field and disorderly competition. Savage growth of private capital to the grassroots and not for the people to bring basic benefits, but is full of traps and even deceive. "National PE has become the label of the 2011 private equity funds, the unprecedented pace of development so that the PE / VC industry in the extreme confusion and disorder, chaotic situation around the impact of avid private equity sector, which caused the uplink credit and downstream pressure to survive, will force the industry to a near-tragic shuffle. Therefore, the present era of conscience has been a kind of "forces" to drown. Management of the investment managers on behalf of investors, the property by the Fund have been independent asset managers, managers should abide by the obligations of honesty and trustworthiness, the interests of customers should be higher than the managers interests, or what is justice?
- So, we aggregate cast a line and securities sectors as part of professional people who build this platform of the "Ruiyin Hong Fu Equity Investment Fund Corporation under the background of the times in the absence of regulation, innovation, conscience and professional manner. to identify the occupation of private finance and investment development of the new road.

Ruiyin Hong Fu: investment funds could have been an important tool of financial intermediaries Valet Asset Management. Its essence is to raise the funds entrusted to specialized agencies or professionals, access to financial gains by investing in financial instruments, it can take the company type, partner type and contract type, whether it take what form of organization, its essence feature is to raise funds, professional management, investment benefit these three; its purpose is clear and unique: to create more property income for investors.
Ruiyin Hong Fu's concept: the primary cause of the most important to the success of a fund is the professional standards and ethics - by a professional or team of investment management, investment fund is different from bank deposits and the difference between the basic features of investment behavior in the trading of stocks and bonds, derivatives, fund managers and the quality of the effectiveness of the investment have a great relationship, and thus the quality of the practitioners of fund managers, investment managers is a key in the key.
Ruiyin Hong Fu will adhere to: the biggest beneficiaries of the interests given the investors themselves. Because the investment fund is essentially a relationship of trust, and investment of funds discretionary to the managers bear the corresponding investment risk, and access to investment income of the investment. This culture of trust, not only to the investors interest demands the normal channels, and for a large number of the folk of the capital to establish an effective value-added channel, we can make it the most effective market-oriented financial instruments, by a move to establish a The huge "investment club" system capital team. This will become our constant pursuit of the ideal.

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