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GUSHI was founded in 2006 and headquartered in Hong Kong and Singapore, is home to the well-known venture capital fund company. GUSHI is committed in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) to help outstanding entrepreneurs to build world-class leading companies.
Since its inception, GUSHI has directly or indirectly involved in the Chigo air conditioning (449.HK), the NIVS New York motherboard (NO.NIV), the Dongbao organisms (300,239), feldspar-based (002153), Hiroshige education listed on Nasdaq inside and outside of the project, as of the end of December 2012 has been involved in ST too light ( mergers and acquisitions, M & ST Chase ( projects listed and restructuring business.
GUSHI Investment Consultant Ltd.  was founded in 2012, 100 million yuan of registered capital of joint-stock company, GUSHI Investment ConsultantLtd. headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The Fund will bear the collection and management of China's domestic capital fundraising, based on the high growth in the investment industry, in line with the national securities policy maturity or growing enterprises stock reform, held through the medium-and long-term strategy for the compounding of time. In order to focus on helping the growth of Chinese enterprises at the same time, the precipitation in the great capital of the private sector to mobilize out of participation in circulation, people have done, income, and obtaining the benefits and prosperity of society and development, a disorder with no expected change orderly and expected, such a presence is not only reasonable, right throughout the economy, there is a cross-age significance.
GUSHI team is a successful entrepreneurial experience and a wealth of investment experience. In addition to capital support, GUSHI team or have to rely on its extensive experience in investment, operation, backgrounds and advantage of international resources, to help portfolio companies succeed.
GUSHI invested in the fields of new materials and clean energy, consumer and retail, biotechnology, medicinal chemistry, as well as a broad IT Internet, new media, innovative electric providers, communications and information technology, investment stage, including the early growth stage and late (mature period).
If your thinking and planning, and we recommend that you contact us, in accordance with the contact information on the site instantly and provide a business plan for your specific corporate information as well as specific projects.

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